10 keyword local optimization package

At present, serving the local Clearwater, Florida and surrounding areas. Appreciating local Clearwater businesses, networking with the best of Clearwater, Florida. This¬†10 keyword local optimization package will solidify your search term positions against your local competitors. Search leads, getting Google searches to click your website link because of its high position in the search, is valuable. When your website search terms are number one, two or three you are guaranteed site traffic. For example, if a local customer searches, “Clearwater Florida Dentist” does the search generate national or chain dentists in the number one position. You’ve lived here your entire life. Your grand father was one of the first dentists in Clearwater, and you deserve to come up first.

10 keyword local optimization package

Beats the competition quickly!

Allow us to offer a free month of service so we can show you how we work. In the months to come, if you purchase our local optimization services, your business will generate more customers due to the high position of all the best search terms.  Read our blog and throughout our website about how search engine optimization works. You may not know how to put the motor together in a car, but you know how to drive the vehicle. The same goes for good search engine optimization. The technical code weaved throughout your website along with creative SEO strategy will push your website high into the search engines. Within a few short months you will be beating out the toughest competition. Call now for a free vision session and learn how we manage our local campaigns, our weekly, semi-monthly or monthly reporting methods and simple 99.00 Р499.00 per month service fee deliverables. We are always happy to chat!

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