Local SEO

local seo

Local SEO increases your websites visibility locally

Rank better than your competitors

Your website can rank on page one and get more traffic and business than your competitors. Our service does all manual work, and never outsources to other countries. We know the value of using only Google products or other high domain authority sources to build your content and expand your reach.

Cost of local optimization - What you will receive

Every website needs to be optimized locally. The advantage to using our company, is when you purchase our services, you have our rock solid guarantee we won't work with your local competitor's. Instead, we're going to crush them.



First month free

I'm a total believer that we get nothing for free, yet in this case what we earn is your business. Our professional firm believes in what we do. Our clients have went from zero to millions of dollars a year in sales, under our direction. Using traffic generations, search engine optimization and social marketing we create links and reach for your business. The more your site is trafficked, the more profit you will earn. By testing our service, you'll see an increase and real-time proof that our internet and digital marketing methods are magic. We're not a linkbuilding company, though building great links is great. We're strategists who will crush your competition. We don't hate your competitor's, its all about business.



local seo

Project Management Set Up

Simply purchase from our cart, enter the details of your project, schedule a call with one of our project managers, and your project is set to kick off. Your project will receive branded reports that prove uphill climbs in Google searches. Whatever it takes, whatever your site needs, the work will be done to perfection.

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Our team begins your work

Includes: Setting up or maintaining Google analytics reporting, so a return on investment report can be generated at the end of each month. Keeping your site locally optimized is an on-going marketing expense, so we need to prove how it pays and the benefits of branding you as the best in your business.

marketing clearwater the right way

Regularly strategy and real-time reporting

As tasks are completed, and strategy and scope defined, you will review the work in progress using a real time project management that will notify you when work or tasks are completed. You can watch in real-time, how your website increases its visibility and how business is coming your way.

marketing clearwater the right way

At the end of your free month

Without question you will love what our service can do for you locally. At the end of your free month, you will be billed in advance month to month while services are rendered. We will continue to write content and place citations and links, reviews and more, so that your local keywords have the best positions. Monthly local SEO service for 5 keywords or phrases, costs $50.00 per month and is a continuous form of brand management, advertising, and linkbuilding services that drive traffic to your website. No other service is this affordable, because no other local service has our experience. In fact, we fully expect that other local digital marketing firms will use our coveted, affordable service for local optimization.

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