Why we offer a month of local Clearwater free seo service

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Clearwater marketing servicesFor a limited time only we are offering up to five local Clearwater free SEO services.  Why? Because that’s how much we believe in our website online search optimization services. Every website wants to be found number one, two or three in the search engines. When a local prospect signs into Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine, the website coming up number one wins the prize, literally.  A site in the number one, two or three position for a local search term has the best chance of being clicked, and then the conversion begins. If the site is well done, a visitor clicking into it will convert to a customer. How cool is that?

This business is perfect for the local Doctor, Lawyer or Manufacturer in need of generating profitable leads. Its easy to see the return on investment when you consider the value proposition of just one customer. For instance, a lawyer who converts a lead from having their site optimized, and the lead is worth 5K profit over the period of three years, and the lead generates just one word of mouth client, and the next word of mouth client generated from the last, its apparent, the data is in. Having your site optimized in a good search position for a number of search term options can mean big business.

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